Kaaba Kiswa

Own A Piece of History

A collection of authentic pieces from the Holy Kaaba.

The Kaaba


The Kaaba, located in the holy city of Makkah, is the most sacred site in Islam and represents the first house of worship built by Prophet Ibrahim(AS) and serves as the focal point for our Salah and Hajj.



The Kiswa is a black silk and gold embroidered cloth that covers the Kaaba. The intricate calligraphy and ornate designs on the Kiswa symbolize the Muslim belief in the oneness of God and the deep reverence and respect for the holiness of the Kaaba.

Dont Just Take Our WOrd For it

“I bought a Kiswa as a gift for my mother who made hajj many many years ago. When I gave it to her, I could see the happiness in her eyes as she held it, reminiscing about her journey and feeling a sense of spiritual connection with her faith. We treasure it as our family heirloom.”

Imran M.

Own A Piece Of History


Experience the spirituality and rich heritage of Islam in your own home by purchasing a Kiswa, a timeless treasure that allows you to hold a tangible piece of the Kaaba’s historic legacy.

Authenticity Guaranteed

Our pieces are personally picked and sourced to ensure authenticity