Exterior Kaaba Kiswa Long


Authentic Framed Pure Silk Black Kiswa of The Kaaba, Makkah

This piece is approximately 149 cm x 77 cm

KISWA is the cover of the Holy Kaaba, and in the 9th month of Dhul Hijjah, it is draped on the Kaaba. The Kiswa is made up of Approx 47 strips of clothing, and each of that strips is about 101cm in width and 14cm long. In total, there are three rows of Horizontal Text have been embedded on the black side of Kiswa.

In the first row, Ya Allah is written with two of his names Ya Hannan, On the right. Ya Mannan, on the left.

Hannan means “Merciful towards servants”

Mannan means “Tremendous in Giving”

In the second row, you will see the basic salutation of Islam, “La Illaha Illa Allah Muhammad Ur Rasulullah” which means “there is no deity except Allah and Muhammad PBUH is his last messenger“
In the last row, the salutation is praise given to Allah, “SubhanAllah hi Wabihamdi hi SubhanAllah hil Adheem“, which states that “Allah is free from any kind of imperfection, and all praise is for Allah. Allah is free from any kind of imperfection, Allah is the Greatest.“